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 We Grow Elephant Garlic

Hatch Purple Striped Garlic 

NON GMO - All Naturally Grown


We are a small farm located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

We are surrounded by Corn Fields, Bean Fields, Hazelnut Fields, Hay Fields and other crops.

We are lucky to have the perfect climate and nice soils for growing vegetables.

We have been growing garlic for many years now.

Specializing in ELEPHANT GARLIC.

We have been selective planting only the largest and best cloves each year.

To date our largest BULB has weighed in at over 1 pound. Yes 1 pound for one Bulb of Elephant Garlic. Most bulbs will weigh an average of 1/2 pound. 

Each year we grow many thousands of bulbs. We harvest in June/July then clean, cure and package this garlic and normally have it ready to ship by late August. We normally sell out by February of each year.


Bed Shaper


We have upgrading all our garlic equipment. We have this new Bed Shaper to create raised beds for our garlic. It helps the garlic to grow better bulbs   and also in our harvest. We have a New Bulb digger that digs the bulbs. Removes the dirt and places the bulbs in a nice row for drying and when picking up.

    We also have on order a new Transplanter for planting the bulbs in the fall. We will have pictures up when it arrives..

  We are hoping that by using modern labor saving equipment we will be able to grow more garlic with less labor involved. This should translate into better pricing in the future.


 Hatch Purple Striped Garlic BULBS.

They will be 1-1/2" or smaller. These are food grade bulbs. Eat them or plant the larger cloves and eat the smaller ones..They are number 1 bulbs just not up to our grading standard for seed garlic.

Bulb Digger


IF you plan on just eating the garlic you can request food grade bulbs. These will all be number one bulbs. Just smaller than the seed stock we sell. You can also plant these smaller bulbs. They are fine for both eating and planting. They are not as costly as the seed stock.

   You can eat them or plant them.

Ordering is very easy. Just Email us your wants in the contact form below and we will send you an invoice for the amount due and you can then arrange for your payment options. OR

Hit one of the Buy It Now buttons

Or. Give us a CALL. Love to talk with you.

          Remember >>We have no minimum order.

                  Feel Free to order any amount.

         One Bulb or 100. One Pound or 100 Pounds.

Need a large quantity. Call us for pricing.

We guarantee you will be happy with your order. If not PLEASE let us know. We want you to be totally satisfied with your order.

      We can not guarantee the results from  your growing. There are just to many variables. Irrigation, fertilizer, weather, your soil.. BUT we do guarantee they will geminate within a resonable amount of time.

>>> WE TAKE  >>> Debit Card, VISA, MASTERCARD, Discover Card and PayPal



This is the time of year for a special treat. Garlic Scapes for only 2 weeks. Steam them like Asparagus. Add a little butter OR use in a Stir Fry. They also freeze well. YUMMY


This is the time of year we harvest our Elephant Garlic


This is when we wash, dry, cure and package the Elephant Garlic.

       Ready to start Shipping        


This is the time of year we

plant our Elephant Garlic

Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes are sold out till next season


One Dozen Garlic Scapes ( 12 )

$ 2.50 dozen.

Need large quatities. Give us a call. Prices depend on quatities needed.

Email us your wants. We will let you know the shipping costs.

Time to get your Scapes

Garlic Scapes

A little about our farm

About our Garlic's

Our garlic is Non - GMO and we use no pesticides. This is good for the environment and also good for you and I. Remember, We eat this garlic all year long and so do our employees. We rotate our garlic crop each year. We wait 4 YEARS before we re-plant each field. During this wait period we use a cover crop mix to help the soils.. We irrigate with our own Well Water. Pure and Clean. We hand select our SEED Stock from our own Garlic Crop each year planting only the largest and best of the crop. You can be confident that you will get only the best garlic when you order from us. Use it for Seed Stock to grow your own or to eat.

  Need any advise on growing your own ? Send us an email and we will email you some HOW TO Grow info.

Elephant Garlic growing


Approximately 2 per pound


This Garlic is the same as we use for seed stock

for our next years crop. 

These cloves and bulbs are great for use as

Seed Stock or for Eating


Simply let us know. We will try to do whatever it takes to make you a satisfied customer.

Get your orders in before we sell out.





Garlic's FREEZE very well. All you need to do is peel the CLOVES and place them in a freezer bag and freeze. Take out the quantity you need to eat and use as you would fresh... 


We will send you a notice when it's time to ship. You can then arrange for payment.

Simply Email us your wants.

A beautiful Fall Cover Crop.

We rotate our garlic fields each year. This is one of our fields that is currently in rotation. The cover crop helps with replacing nutrients the garlic used over the growing season.

Hatch Purple Stripe Garlic BULBS

LARGE Seed Grade Quality Bulbs - Non GMO - Pesticide Free

Approximately 10 bulbs per pound.


Feel Free to order at this time.

Buy one bulb or 100. Buy 1 pound or 100 pounds.

We start  shipping in August.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, Pay Pal and Check.

To order simply email us your wants. Be sure to include your name and shipping address and your contact info. 

         DO-NOT include any credit card info at this time, please.

We will send you a tracking number when your order is shipped. 

                                  HATCH GARLIC   


This is our own garlic we grow here on our farm. It is a very large bulb. Nice strong GARLIC taste and very easy to peel cloves. Easy to grow and very hardy. A beautiful Purple Striped Garlic. Similar to Northern White Garlic or Deerfield. We think you will make this your garlic of choice after you taste it. Raw in salads or diced and mixed with Olive Oil and used as a dip for your french bread or baked. Try adding it to your Mashed Potatoes. Yummy.. 

You can read more about our Hatch Garlic in the 2020 Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook. 

We are now taking orders
Just Email us your wants.
Please include contact info.
No depoist required

ALL Garlics will start shipping in mid August of 2020

Pre-Orders are welcome now.

Don't wait to long. We always sell out.

Just email us your wants or hit one of the buy it now buttons, if showing, for a great deal.

We will send you an invoice and arrange for payment.

You can place your order 24 hours a day thru this contact form below.

Just Email us your order and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Be sure to fill in your name and email address.

PLEASE. Do-NOT include any Credit Card information. 

Your welcome to Pre-Order at this time.

Shipping will begin in mid August 2020


Elephant Garlic Seed Grade BULBS.

Approximatly 2 bulbs per pound

          Thanks for your interest in our Garlic. We know you will be totally satisfied.


Thank you for supporting the Small Farmers of America.    Ken and Mary 

Your welcome to pick up your order at our farm.

Please call first to be sure we are available to help. This is a working farm.

Elephant Garlic Cloves
Shipping will begin in August 2020
We do accept Pre-Orders at this time.

We DO NOT ship orders on Fridays. We don't want the garlic sitting somewhere over the week- end. 

PLEASE: Store your garlic in a cool, dry place. We can not be held responsible for problems in storing your garlic.

We take Debit Card,VISA, MASTERCARD and Discover plus Pay Pal 

OR You can mail us a check

ALL of our Garlic's are tested for Stem and Bulb NEMATODE and declared Nematode FREE.

Testing is done yearly by the Dept. of Agriculture. State of Oregon.

Testing results are available on request.

Elephant Garlic CLOVE

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