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About our Garlic's


This Garlic you purchase from

us is the same garlic's we use each season

for seed stock for our next years crop. 

These garlic is great for use as Seed Stock

to grow your own.

We start shipping Mid to Late August.


Our garlic is Non - GMO and we use No Pesticides. Plus, we use no artificial chemical fertilizers.

This is good for the environment and also good for you and I.

We rotate our garlic crop each year.  During this wait period we use a cover crop mix to help the soils.. We irrigate with our own Well Water. Pure and Clean. We hand select our SEED Stock from our own Garlic Crop each year planting only the largest and best of the crop. You can be confident that you will get only the best garlic when you order from us.

  Need any advise on growing your own ? Send us an email and we will email you some HOW TO Grow info.


A little about our farm


Approximately 2 per pound
GARLIC  2019.jpg
Hatch Elephant Garlic growing
Buckwheat Covercrop.jpg

Buckwheat Cover Crop


We rotate our garlic fields each year. This is one of our fields that is currently in rotation. The cover crop helps with replacing nutrients the garlic used over the growing season.

COVER Crop.jpg

Yellow Mustard Cover Crop

We start  shipping Mid to Late August..

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, Debit Card and Pay Pal.

Approximately 10 bulbs per pound.


No Artificial Chemical Fertilizers are used.

Grown in Oregon since 1999

10 Pounds of Garlic 001.JPG

        HATCH Purple Striped GARLIC . SOLD OUT

Large Bulbs. Non GMO - Pesticide Free.


This is our own garlic we grow here on our farm. It is a very large bulb.

Easy to grow and very hardy.

A beautiful Purple Striped Garlic. Similar to Northern White Garlic or Deerfield. 

You can read more about our Hatch Garlic in the 2020 Seed Savers Exchange Yearbook. 

Hatch Elephant Garlic . Sold Out
Approximately 2 bulbs per pound

PLEASE: Open your box of garlic as soon as it arrives. DO NOT leave it in the shipping boxes. Store your garlic in a cool, dry place. Store between 45 and 55 degrees. Keep it dry. Do not freeze. We can not be held responsible for problems in storing your garlic.

We make every effort to pack your order carefully.

We can not be held responsible for and damage after your order leaves our farm.  

 Due to various travel times across the USA many different problems can arrise. Rough handling, changing temperatures, humidity..

This can all be a problem with the garlic.

 We will make every effort to help you out with any problems but make no guarantees for crop damage or replacement of the garlic.

New Raised Bed 2019.jpg

Raised Beds waiting to be Planted

5 pounds of Cloves.JPG
Elephant Garlic Cloves
Ready to Ship

Elephant Garlic CLOVE

Elephant Cloves.jpg
Hatch Elephant Garlic Cloves waiting to be planted

We take Bank Debit Card, VISA, MASTERCARD and Discover plus Pay Pal. 
Please be sure of placing your order. We always try to ship the next day ater orders are received. If you cancel your order after it ships you will need to pay the shipping charges.  >> Effective 01/01/2022...<

Your welcome to pick up your order at our farm.

Please call first to be sure we are available to help. This is a working farm.


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